Testing the MASTER

Testing the MASTER full-body harness from Czech manufacturer ROCK EMPIRE.

Before I start talking about the tested full-body harness, I want to thank the people from the ROCK EMPIRE brand, they are lead Czech manufacturers of climbing and work equipment, thanks for your cooperation.

That's why, when I was given the opportunity to test the brand's new products, I didn't hesitate. With the words “That revolutionary back is really interesting,” I reached straight for their new MASTER whole-body harness.

We tested the new “Master” while on a job in Česká Třebová: from May to September we were repairing the façade of a tower block after a roof fire. This was the ideal opportunity to find out how tough the seat harness was…

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My first impression was very pleasant, the sit harness was well-designed, logical, no confusing elements, a great full-body harness… 

I'll just file the mandatory check-up paperwork and let's get cracking…

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Undoing the carabiner, it's great they used a carabiner with a twist lock and there's the Multi Anti-Slip, which prevents the carabiner from twisting around… I get in the sit harness, pull the chest section over my head and attach the carabiner. I tighten the straps and park them in the Clip Smart so they aren't just dangling everywhere. Nothing itchy around the neck, everything fits. GREAT.

I wonder how it'll fit on the job…

Job description:

Work in suspension, repairing insulation 1.5 m from the top, repairing the façade, replacing damaged parapet sheet metal and full painting in original colours. We used harnesses in combination with a Ledge seat, on the second belaying rope we used the RE Roper fall arrest device. Everything worked great…

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During the first abseiling I figured out the ideal setting of the waist belt for a full reach while working. This was very simple and later very comfortable.   When working with the full-body harness, I really appreciated its roomy so-called central eye, 6 material straps, the ergonomically shaped chest strap, which was very comfortable around the neck and included elastic bands between the waist belt and leg loops. Each time I was suspended on the seat I appreciated this advantage the most. So… to sum things up, Rock Empire really helped our work go smoothly and we felt safe the whole time, which is the important part.

Jiří Tomašovič , Ambasador Rock Empire

  • Height specialist
  • Assessment and testing climber for PPE producers for work and rescue at heights and above free depths