Super Light Succeeded in Kyrgyzstan

We present to you the review of Rock Empire´s SUPER LIGHT by Martin Skuhravy from Outdoor World (Czech outdoor magazine)…“After using the Super Light for a month in Kyrgyzstan, I am super excited by it and have added it to my ski alpine and glacial repertoire, and it will certainly not be left behind on any winter actions that I will plan in the future.“

How many times have you fallen into crevasses when on ski alpine trips?  And how many hours have you spent exploring the bowels of an Ice Kingdom? For those who prefer to move on the surface of the glacier, rather than inside it, Rock Empire has designed the ultra-lightweight sit harness, Super Light.   


  • Weight: 146 g (XS-M) 
  • Sizes:  XS-M, M-XL 
  • Color: Red  
  • Material: Dyneema 
  • EU Norms: CE1019, EN 12277 
  • Producer:  Rock Empire 
  • More info at

The very low weight of this sit harness was achieved in part by using Dyneema material and, in part, by the absence of any padding and non-necessary items. For the tested size M-XL, my kitchen scale showed 153 grams, which I think is a very good value.  In addition, as gratifying as the light weight is, almost more impressive is the compactness of the harness – it easily folds into a package slightly larger than a fist. 

Of course, the main advantage of the above-described weight results in one of the greatest challenges of the harness:  comfort in sitting in it.  Just rappelling one vertical pitch and you will look forward to having your feet on the ground and the leg straps no longer cutting into your thighs. However, in fact, I was expecting it to be far worse (judging by my comfort level when rappelling with my very padded and very uncomfortable harness, which I usually wear when climbing) but do not expect any comfort.  On the other hand, when walking (whether on foot with crampons or on skis for which the Super Light is designed), the harness seems to be very comfortable.

Let us now take a look at the design of the harness and technical solutions. The harness is de facto made from two main and several side straps.  The stronger waist strap in the front is replaced with a thinner strap which has the waist adjustment buckle on it. The buckle is not self-locking, which I personally regret, given the overall very easy handling of the harness, which I refer to in a few sentences below. On the other hand, the threading of the buckle is probably simpler for all.

The second main strap is sewn to the front sides of the waist belt to create the leg straps. In the center of second main strap, a loop is created and the belay loop goes through that loop and the waist strap. Even though the manufacturer conserved material where possible, a gear loop using protected PAD material against abrasions, which I evaluate very positively, and I think that prevents any major weaknesses with regards to the life span.  

To keep the leg straps in place when walking, on the front of each leg strap are non-weight supporting plastic buckles. Someone could complain about such a small piece of plastic on the harness. However, after the first use, you are convinced that the buckles truly do not bear any weight.

Super Light uspěl v Kyrgyzstánu

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