Eliška (Ella) Adamovská and her climbing season 2017

Our ambassador Ella Adamovská has finished her racing season with the Czech Championship winning in the youth category (she won this title both in difficulty and in bouldering this year) and second place in category adults.Eliška, however, became the overall winner of the entire Czech Cup series in climbing for difficulty in the category of youth and adults. After a well-deserved rest, she went to Slovenia, where she also crossed the paths of Uživancija 8a, Oktoberfest 8a and Mijja Peči, and her second most difficult journey - Kaj Ti Je Deklica for 8b +. We asked her a few questions ...

How do you feel about your success this year? Overall, I have a good feeling this year. I've gotten more than I planned and even achieved some goals (even one dream!)

What was the hardest for you this year? The hardest for me was probably the end of the racing season, which seemed endless to me this year. I was so tired... I ended the season with deserved rest  and then by going out to the rocks. Now I'm back in training and all excited.

Any challenges for next year? For the time being, I have not even thought about much.  I'll see  what the  next year will bring.

The Christmas holidays are coming, how will you spend them? This Christmas I will spend the first time outside my home, and even outside the family. I'm going to Spain - to climb - how else :)  I think I'm going to miss my family a little bit, but I'm so excited about the trip.

The Rock Empire team wishes Elle beautiful Christmas holidays and for the next year at least a so successful climbing season as it was this year.

Eliška (Ella) Adamovská and her climbing season 2017

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