What we review:

  • Ends of the Straps
  • Mechanical Damage
  • Chemical Damage
  • Thermal Damage
  • Seam Integrity


Ends of the Straps:

If you find any type of problem with the strap ends, the product cannot continue to be used. For newer products, it is possible to discuss and return for repair by the manufacturer. For older products, repair is usually not possible due to the perforations already existing in the material that needs to be re-sewn.

Mechanical Damag:

If the strap is damaged due to contact with another object such that its integrity is compromised, it must be retired from use.


Chemical Damage:

If discoloration on the strap or stitching does not disappear after cleaning or when touching or rubbing changes the shape or color of stitching or the strap, the product should be retired.

Thermal Damage:

If the strap or the stitching remains blackened (soot) even after cleaning, or the strap or stitching has a glassy surface or breaks or flakes when rubbed, the product should be retired.

Seam Integrity:

If a seam is unraveling, worn or torn, or is showing signs of thermal or chemical damage on one or more threads, the product should be retired.