We are Introducing you our new Work and Rescue catalogue for 2020. You can find here the news we have presented last week at A + A in Düssledorf. On page 27 you will find a new product RING Connect. RING Connect is a fully openable AL ring. Detachable points are connected by two stainless screws. The maximum ring strength (24kN) is the same at any point around the ring. With a round cross-section and a wall thickness of 13.5mm, RING Connect is suitable for attaching ropes and lanyards directly to the ring.  Atlas Lock Belt and Atlas Lock Uni added to the catalog. On the page 32 you can find a new Lanyard Stretch  and Open Sling 20 mm in new color. We have redesigned Daisy Chain Profi and also available another color variant of Ladder. On page 42 you will find new Absorbers - Absorber Pro and Absorber Pro Twist and examples of possible connections with Connect Ring and Lanyard Stretch. Chest Up Black has been added to the Black Series -  Chest Up is a unique, lightweight compact chest ascender designed forprofessional use in rope access systems. It is unique in that it includes a swivel, which ensures the optimal positioning of the chest ascender against the loaded rope, thus reducing the friction resistance to a minimum.

You can see the whole catalog HERE. 

Your RE team.


katalog práce a záchrana 2020 rock empire

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We are happy to support the FZS UJEP project focused on individual psychomotor exercises for children aged 3 to 18 with our Skill Lite Adventure full-body harness.

At the beginning of November 2019, we organized our first-ever International PPE Partners´ Meeting. Our partners from the following countries joined us: Australia, Brazil, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Singapore. We welcomed 16 people from the 9 countries in total. During our time together, we experienced and discussed many things.

Dear Rock Empire fans. Today, we have  launched a new website Rock Empire.. We bring you a new design, clearer division and new information and sections.

Improved responsive Web experience adapts to each device. We hope you enjoy our new site. It contains all the sections you are used to, plus a lot of news.