TWIN is a proven rappelling and belay device with an innovative patented design.

It can be used for belaying a lead, pulling in the slack on one or two secondary climbers and for abseiling. It is intended for sports climbing, multi-pitch climbing or mountain climbing.

  • Appropriate for belaying and abseiling with simple or double ropes.
  • V-shaped friction surfaces allow for controlled braking.
  • Patented construction in the suspension section.
  • The rounded shape of the rope grooves reduce rope wear and extend the lifetime of the brake.
  • When belaying, a carabiner placed in the release opening allows the belayer to loosen a rope under tension.

Carabiner 2Tap 2T is HMS Aluminium Carabiner with Twist-lock system and safety latch.

  • The Twist- lock ensures effective locking of the carabiner.
  • The keylock design locks securely and does not catch slings, ropes or harnesses.

Together, you will get a practical belaying set that will help you both on artificial walls and in nature for belaying and rappelling.


Designed in EU.



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