Set Long Arm Click  serves as an extended arm when connecting the belay point from the climbing position. Extra long, reinforced, stitched webbing for situations where the bolt is just a little bit too high for you to reach, but you desperately need to clip in.

With the Long Arm Click it is easy to engage belay points in situations where we cannot reach from a climbing position to a steadily positioned belay. Reinforced fixed sling and carabiner with a wire backstop, which  holds the lock open until you lightly touch the edge od the bolt and the carabiner closes itself.

It is recommended to follow a certain safety rule: as the rigidity of the structure does not allow sufficient flexibility of movement at the belay point, it is advisable to use standard protection subsequently.

The wire lock reduces the weight of the carabiner and, above all, does not freeze in alpine conditions! It does not freeze.

Also available in 30 cm length (code SEL005)

  • Anti Slip protective cap and carabiner fastening on lanyard
  • PA strap 16 mm
  • Swift carabiners


  • Climber with small stature
  • Improperly situated belay point
  • Physical exhaustion
  • Mental stress


A) Product Lengths (including carabiners): 51 cm 

B) Functional length: 38 cm 


Designed & Engineered in EU.




PA / Aluminium
Sling length
38 cm
Strap width
16 mm
Quickdraw strength
22 kN