Streak Rental is a robust and durable harness for use on indoor climbing walls and as a rental. Design is based on popular Streak harness including the fully adjustable and moveable strap on the waist. Compared to the Streak, it has a better, stronger solution for the belay loop and lower tie in loop, which greatly reduces the risk of tying in improperly. If the gear loop is accidentally used as the belay loop and a fall occurs, it will not rip – keeping the climber from falling to the ground. Streak Rental comes in two sizes.  XS-M with Red belay loop and S-XL with Blue belay loop. Sliding strap on the waist.

  • Reinforced gear loop.
  • Clear durable pictograms on the outside of the waistbelt – illustrated methodical pictures
  • how to attach and secure.
  • Waist belt includes a small window where bar and QR codes are visible and scanable to
  • speed up tracking and inspections during rental use.
  • Durable belay loop

Made in EU. 




EN 12277


  • Indoor

Streak Rental - Review

The Streak Rental harness was specially designed for use on artificial climbing walls or in rope climbing centres. Its design is based on the popular STREAK harness, with an emphasis on intuitive use, eliminating risk of incorrect handling and maximum extension of product life. 

From a user standpoint its main advantage lies in the strengthened loops and straps that ensure none of the openings tear even if the harness is incorrectly tied in to the rope or if a carabiner has been attached to some other loop than the central one when belaying. The central loop and the Dyneema gear loop have been strengthened, as well as the lower tie-in loop, to encourage correct rope attachment. There is intentionally only a single gear loop on the harness, to eliminate the possibility of incorrect tying in. When climbing on an artificial wall, one gear loop is all you really need anyway.

For operators of climbing walls, rope climbing facilities or for outdoor equipment rental shops, the economics behind purchasing this kind of harness are key. STREAK RENTAL was designed from the ground up with an emphasis on a very long product lifetime, taking into account the high intensity of climbing wall or rental shop use, etc. This is why the central loop is doubly strengthened compared to a regular harness, significantly extending the product’s lifetime and therefore the rental shop’s rate of return. From my long-term experience as a climbing wall staff member I can objectively confirm that in our rental shop this worked out to at least 2–3 times the product life compared to regular sports harnesses. 

A big advantage of STREAK RENTAL is also the design of the waist belt, which moves freely inside the padding. This creates a broad range of sizes that make it very useful for wall climbing facilities.

Each harness has a unique QR code sewn into the waist, allowing climbing wall operators to record the movement of individual harnesses and figure out how many times each harness has been borrowed. Simply reading the QR code with your phone or a code scanner makes it easier to carry out equipment inspections and can also tell you when it’s time for the next one.

The harness is produced in sizes XS-M and L-XL, where each size has a different coloured central loop, for better identification in the equipment rental shop at a climbing wall.


Petr Brož, certified sports climbing instructor, Rock Empire product tester, Height specialist,  Product consultant for work at heights