Slight Collection

We are proud to introduce our brand new collection of sport climbing harnesses that we believe will astonish you. Our new collection, SLIGHT < 310, is completely different in style, design and comfort.  Our ROCK EMPIRE designers achieved their goal to create harnesses that go far beyond the norm in terms of comfort and lighter weight and incorporate vibrant colors.

How did we increase the comfort level of the harnesses? 

We moved ahead with new technology, leaving behind the edging and foam padding where there is an ineffective distribution of the load, and where the padded edging absorbs most of the weight.  Our new SLIGHT harnesses are designed to spread the load uniformly around the entire harness. Add in the fantastic weight of less than 310 grams, and you will not even notice that you are wearing this harness.

How did we achieve such a light weight?  We started by removing the bulky padded laminated material and replaced it with a fabric offering incredible properties for the load bearing parts of the harness.  Then, we further reduced the weight by using different buckles.  The buckles are an important element in all harnesses and, by replacing the standard steel buckle with a light-weight aluminum alloy (AL7075) that was hot forged (like our carabiner production), we decreased the weight and increased the comfort for the climber.   We also reduced the width of the webbing from 30 and 20 mm to 16 and 13 mm respectively.  Changes to the gear loops from bulky loops made of PVC to molded plastic also contributed to reduced weight and increased functionality.

Our new collection of SLIGHT < 310 is light-weight, comfortable, modern, and, when you wear it, as we say at ROCK EMPIRE, you are … READY TO CLIMB!