Looking for perfection? Introducing 1B Slight in new colours, Rock Empire´s revolutionary harness for sport climbing. It's so light and comfortable you won't even notice it. It has only one aluminium buckle on the waist belt.  Its sturdy legs and innovative padding ensure optimal force distribution and unrestricted freedom of movement. Whether you're rock climbing or wall climbing, the 1B Slight will give you confidence, safety and style.

1B Slight is the harness of choice for Iva Ondra. If you want to be like her, don't hesitate and get the 1B Slight today.


1B Slight is:

  • Ultralight and ultrathin: weighs only 280 g (size L)
  • Maximum comfort: it has ergonomic padding that adapts to your body
  • Free: it has only one aluminium buckle and fixed legs that won't restrict your movement
  • Practical: it has 4 asymmetric gear loops each capable of carrying up to 5kg in gear.
  • Quality: it is made in the Czech Republic with the best materials
  • Don't wait to order your 1B Slight. You will see that climbing with 1B Slight is an experience you will never forget.


Made in EU.





XS, S, M, L, XL
XS (67-74), S (70-77), M (76-83), L (80-87), XL (85-92)
XS (46-51), S (50-55), M (53-58), L (55-61), XL (58-63)
EN 1227


  • Big Wall
  • Indoor
  • Rock
  • Via Ferrata

Slight Collection

We are proud to introduce our brand new collection of sport climbing harnesses that we believe will astonish you. Our new collection, SLIGHT < 310, is completely different in style, design and comfort.  Our ROCK EMPIRE designers achieved their goal to create harnesses that go far beyond the norm in terms of comfort and lighter weight and incorporate vibrant colors.

How did we increase the comfort level of the harnesses? 

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