Sport climbing

Sport climbing is the most widespread climbing discipline and includes climbs on outdoor rocks as well as on indoor (or outdoor) artificial walls. Routes include permanent bolts and bolt hangers for clipping carabiners into during the climb. In the Elbe Sandstones area, mostly rings are used for clipping carabiners into. Longer, unsecured sections are secured by textile slings. Rock climbing outside can happen in any area of rocks. These can be short rock walls, towers or rock faces several tens of meters high. In the Czech Republic, rock climbing is divided into sandstone and non-sandstone. One of the most well-known sandstone areas in the Czech Republic is the Elbe River Valley Sandstones, where you can find our company and where we test our harnesses.

We recommend the following equipment:





Iva Ondra

Iva Ondra, a member of the ROCK EMPIRE Climbing Team, is the hope of women's sport climbing. At present she is inherently one of the top Czech climbers. Iva is a Czech representative in sport climbing, Czech champion and junior Czech champion, winner of Czech Cup and Czech Youth Cup in difficulty climbing. As the first Czech climber she climbed three routes of difficulty 8c. Iva climbs in our 1B Slight.

Harness from the Slight Rock Empire series. Low weight, maximum comfort and freedom of movement - it is the 1B Slight harness.